Specialty Services

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

Under the FMCSA controlled substances use and alcohol misuse regulation, an employer is required to refer any driver to a Substance Abuse Professional for an evaluation.

Dr. David Fletcher is a certified Substance Abuse Professional with extensive background in evaluating and recommending the necessary treatment to comply with FMCSA controlled substance abuse policies.

A SAP Evaluation is needed when an employee has a verified positive DOT test result, a DOT alcohol test with a result indicating an alcohol concentration of 0.02 or greater, a refusal to test (including adulterating or substituting a urine specimen) or any other violation of the prohibition on the use of alcohol or drugs. Any positive result under a DOT agency regulation constitutes a DOT drug and alcohol regulation violation.


Any severe, life-threatening injury or illness should immediately report to the nearest hospital emergency room.

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