Pre-Employment Physical/Post-Job Offer Physical

Preventing work place injuries is a key to success for any company. Employers often use pre-employment testing to screen job applicants. Those who use post-job offer employment testing can achieve an average 47% fewer workers’ comp injuries and three times higher retention than those who don’t.

The purpose of the pre-employment physical is to determine if an existing employee or a prospective candidate can safely perform the physical demands and essential functions of the job. Our pre-employment physical is an evaluation and is customized to the actual activities of the job for which an employee is working in or being considered for.

In keeping with ADA and EEOC requirements, this evaluation can only be administered after you have made a formal job offer to an individual. Like drug testing, formal employment can be made contingent on successfully passing the post-job offer exam.

Since we develop your post-job offer testing based on the same job demand analysis metrics used to create the job description, you’re ensured the post-offer employment physical for that every job is 100% consistent, from candidate to candidate. This is especially important for employers with several facilities.

Increased regulation, corporate risk control goals, and employee satisfaction and retention are all factors driving employee acquisition processes utilized by HR and Safety departments. Maintaining a safe and productive work environment is a common element in employee satisfaction and retention. The first step is determining a prospective employee’s fitness for a particular job or role. It’s the best safety measure you can put into place for all employees.

We offer pre-employment medical examinations to help companies feel assured that potential employees have the ability to meet the physical demands of the job they’ve applied for. Our comprehensive review of the prospective employee’s medical and occupational history can help us determine whether a recommendation should be made for the position.

Ideally, pre-employment medical examinations also help you place and maintain employees in an occupational position adapted to their physiological and psychological capacities. Our goal is to help you make sure the employee is a fit to perform the job without risk to himself or others.


Any severe, life-threatening injury or illness should immediately report to the nearest hospital emergency room.

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