Occupational Medicine

FAA Examinations

SafeWorks Illinois is one of only a handful of FAA-approved facilities in the country to administer all classes of FAA Physicals. Dr. David Fletcher can perform FAA (all classes) examinations.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires all pilots meet minimum safety standards in terms of physical and mental condition. To remain in compliance, all pilots must pass a physical exam on a regular basis.


Classes of FAA Medical Exams

Dr. David Fletcher is certified to administer all three classes of FAA medical certificates.

Class I examinations are typically required for commercial airline transport pilots, but are also needed by most First Officers and many business aviation flight crews.

Class II examinations are required for commercial pilots of other types like business aviation flight crews, crop dusters, aerial advertising pilots, charter pilots, or navigators and first officers of commercial airline flights.

Class III examinations are typically used for recreational or private pilots.


How long your FAA approval is good for:

Class I: 6 calendar months if older than age 40 at the time of evaluation; 12 months if younger than age 40

Class II: 12 calendar months

Class III: 60 calendar months if younger than age 40 at the time of evaluation; 24 calendar months if age 40 or older at the time of evaluation


Any severe, life-threatening injury or illness should immediately report to the nearest hospital emergency room.

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