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DOT Physicals

A DOT Examination is utilized to evaluate whether a driver is healthy enough to operate a commercial motor vehicle. Drivers are required to obtain a Department of Transportation physical by a Certified Medical Examiner who is a member of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry (NCRME).

Even though the DOT rules have changed and the standards for certification are more stringent than in previous years, all of our certified practitioners meet those specifications and are qualified to complete your DOT physical exam form. During your DOT physical, we will review your medical history and ask you to list the medications you take on a regular basis. However, DOT Physicals should never be a replacement for annual wellness exams.

We perform DOT physicals during all open office hours. Please call our office at: 217.356.6150 to schedule your appointment today.

Certified Medical Examiners are responsible for determining medical fitness for duty, not diagnosing and treating medical conditions. Remember that national criteria are put into place to determine who should or should not be certified, so if you are disqualified at one facility for a CDL physical, you will not be able to go elsewhere and become certified.

If you have ANY health conditions, take any daily medications, have been in the hospital or ER over the last year, have had surgery in the last 5 years, wear glasses or contacts or use hearing aid(s), please ensure you read the information listed below and come to your appointment prepared.


For general information for drivers and drivers who are on medications, please see the list below.

If you have a history of MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION, HEART ATTACK, PACEMAKER, STENTS, ANGINA, CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE, IRREGULAR HEART RHYTHM, ANEURYSM, or other HEART DISEASE, please request this critical information from your cardiologist prior to your visit. If you have had an EKG within the last two years, bring a copy of that to your visit. You may need an EKG at the time of your visit; the charge for this is not included in the DOT physical charge.

If you have DIABETES, please ensure you contact the physician who manages your condition and have him/her fill out all critical information pertaining to your treatment, prior to your visit. We will need a copy of your blood sugar log and your most recent (within 6 months) hemoglobin A1C value. Please note that if you are on insulin, we will not be able to certify you. You may need a blood sugar at the time of your visit; the charge for this is not included in your DOT physical charge.

If you have a history of STROKE, TIA, SEIZURE, or TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY please ensure you contact your neurologist prior to your visit. Bring any additional important information to your appointment.

If you have a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD or take a daily stimulant ensure you contact the provider managing your condition and obtain updated information regarding your current treatment plan.

If you have SLEEP APNEA: bring a letter from the physician managing your stating your condition is stable and does not pose any risk to driving. This must include the date of your last visit and must be current within one year. If you are on CPAP, you must bring in a current use log, showing compliance from the past 3 months. You can have the company that manages your CPAP machine prepare this log for you. If you had surgery for correction of sleep apnea, you must bring a letter from the surgeon noting the condition is resolved. This should include the date you were last seen by them and your weight at that visit.

If you have chronic pain or additional medical issues, please ensure you bring your most recent medication list and any documentation from your treating physician indicating the reason you are taking the medication.

Please note: this list covers only the most common health conditions. If you have other health problems or have had a recent surgery, you may need to provide additional information. You may call us prior to your visit to see what documentation you will need to have completed prior to your visit. Failure to provide necessary documentation may mean we are not able to certify you for driving at the time you are seen. You may be asked to return at a later date and additional charges may apply. If you fail to pass your exam due to misrepresentation or a disqualifying medical condition, you will still be responsible for paying for your DOT physical.


Things to note when scheduling a DOT, please address the following concerns:

Does the driver have any current medical conditions such as:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Cardiac Issues
  • Chronic pain/medical issues

If yes, to any of the conditions above, please notify the driver to bring in any pertinent medical documentation related to the issue, for example:

  • High Blood Pressure: most recent medication list
  • Diabetes: most recent Hemoglobin A1-c and medication list (if taking medication)
  • Sleep Apnea: CPAP compliance report from the past 3 months
  • Cardiac Issues: need most recent cardiac records from Cardiologist to include any testing that has been performed.
  • Chronic Pain/Medical Issues: most recent medication list and any documentation from their treating physician as to why they are on medication.

By providing all of the documentation above, you will save time, money, and additional paperwork.


Any severe, life-threatening injury or illness should immediately report to the nearest hospital emergency room.

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