Rod Sickler Salon & Spa Awarded The First “Best Practices Award”

Dr. David Fletcher, SafeWorks Illinois Medical Director, presented “COVID-19 & The Workplace: Best Practices” webinar today on behalf of the Charleston Area Chamber of Commerce.

Rod Sickler Salon & Spa staff and clients were all masked

In conjunction with  this webinar, Dr  Fletcher is announcing that the 1st recipient of the SafeWorks Illinois “Best Practices Award” will be given to Rod Sickler Salon Spa for its outstanding efforts to protect its customers and staff as the hair salon reopened its doors on May 29th under Phase III of the “Restore Illinois: A Public Health Approach to

Reopening Illinois” plan.

This award will be awarded monthly to a workplace throughout Central Illinois that is demonstrating operating procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic that promote public health.

Owner-operator, Rod Sickler, instituted policies and procedures to help protect his returning employees as well strategies to ensure the safety of his customers.

Sickler re-configured and drastically reduced the number of stations to limit the number of clients in his facility, ensuring physical distancing of more than 6 feet.

Clients must remain in their cars until their stylist is ready. Masks are required for all staff and customers.

From Dr. Fletcher:

As a board-certified public health specialist, I had an opportunity to first-hand inspect and experience what changes Rod Sickler Salon & Spa had implemented.

Prior to entering the salon, I had my temperature taken with a no-contact thermometer and I was required to complete and sign a COVID-19 symptom screening form. 

In the “blow room” with Lexi

I saw every employee and client wearing masks. Proper sanitation procedures and handwashing were constantly on display.

Sickler created the “Blow Room” to isolate customers in a well-ventilated area separate from the hair stations for clients who wanted their hair blown dry after cutting/coloring to reduce any risk of aerosolization of infected respiratory droplets.

Other hair salons in Illinois would do well to emulate the “Best Practices” that Rod Sickler Salon & Spa have implemented.  As a customer I felt safe and was amazed at the steps the salon had taken to protect the public and that is why Rod Sickler Salon & Spa is deserving of this award.






Posted by Jen Watson

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