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SafeWorks Illinois: Engineering Healthy Companies™

Each business is unique, which is why we develop a customized solution to meet our individual client’s needs. From the small mom-and-pop companies to large business and industries, we can provide a comprehensive occupational medicine solution.

Through formulating a hub-and-spoke network with ancillary referral specialists, SafeWorks Illinois is frequently able to do the extraordinary, more often than not scheduling applicable injured patients for surgery consultations within 24 hours of our initial medical intervention.

Dr. Fletcher and SafeWorks Illinois’ close-knit relationships with orthopedic and spine surgeons, general and reconstructive surgeons and interventional pain management specialists allow SafeWorks Illinois to assume a “gatekeeper” patient care role, with the over-arching goal of a rapid return to work.

Too often patients can get lost within the system, which results in patients failing to receive the care they need, while exponentially increasing Workers’ Compensation costs. SafeWorks Illinois and Dr. Fletcher’s methodology consists of “Fast-Track” aggressive case management to prevent such instances from occurring.


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