SafeWorks Illinois for Insurance Companies, TPAs, and Case Mgrs.

When a worker is injured, we understand both the worker and the employer have questions, concerns and costs associated with the injury but so does the insurance company and the case manager assigned to the employee. At SafeWorks Illinois, we keep the lines of communication open with prompt and regular communication with injured workers, employers, physicians and insurance companies through all treatment phases.

We have been serving the Central Illinois market since 1985 and our program is well known within the legal and insurance community for our straight forward approach to providing credible Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) reports that are helpful in case closure and resolution.

Low Back Evaluations

SafeWorks Illinois offers a low back testing device to evaluate strength and mobility during rotation, flexion/extension, and lateral flexion. It measures range of motion, speed of movement, and effort generated by and individual moving against various loads. A low back evaluation can provide a quick and objective means to evaluate low back dysfunction clinically and objectively document test validity using a non-physiological indicator score.