SafeWorks Illinois Industrial Rehabilitation

At the core of SafeWorks Illinois is industrial rehabilitation … pulling together services and conditioning the employee to get them back on their feet in a quick and timely manner, while focusing on preventing re-injury.

It has been well documented that the longer an injured employee remains off work following an injury, the greater the chances are that they will not return to work. Our approach to industrial rehabilitation is extremely focused and our expert staff uses cutting-edge technology that provides excellent documentation for the legal system to positively affect a safe and efficient return to work.

Work Hardening and Conditioning

At the SafeWorks Illinois Return to Work Center, we design work conditioning and work hardening programs to restore the injured worker’s quality of life by improving flexibility, mobility, strength, endurance and tolerance of full-duty work tasks. In addition, we assist the psychological adaptation in coping with a work-related injury by applying a variety of treatments to this process.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

Fit for Duty Evaluations

Low Back Evaluations

SafeWorks Illinois offers a low back testing devices to evaluate strength and mobility during rotation, flexion/extension, and lateral flexion. It measures range of motion, speed of movement, and effort generated by and individual moving against various loads. A low back evaluation can provide a quick and objective means to evaluate low back dysfunction clinically and objectively document test validity using a non-physiological indicator score.

Post-Job Offer Functional Assessments

Employers can incorporate, as part of their post job offer process, job-specific functional testing or strength testing to ensure that a new hire can physically perform the essential functions of the job.

On-site Employee Safety Training