SafeWorks Illinois Drug and Alcohol Testing

SafeWorks Illinois performs drug and alcohol testing at our Champaign facilities.

Drug Testing Services

  • Post-job Offer Testing
  • Post-accident 
  • Random
  • Reasonable Suspicion

Types of Drug Testing

We offer expanded hair testing including STAT 5,7,9, 12, and 14, as well as Childguard 5 panel to identify exposures in children.

Drug Free Work Policy

Substance abuse is a significant public health problem that has a detrimental effect on the business community in terms of productivity, absenteeism, accidents, medical costs, theft and workers’ compensation claims. Therefore, many companies in their commitment to providing a safe work environment and protecting the health of their employees, adopt a drug-free workplace policy.
SafeWorks Illinois can write a policy, customizing it to a company’s needs and then implement the program using various forms of drug testing, supervisor training and employee education.

Supervisor Training

SafeWorks Illinois can provide supervisor training for supervisors and managers on how to spot drug abuse in the workplace using “reasonable suspicion” and provide the legal, ethical steps in approaching the employee to request testing and treatment.

SafeWorks Illinois operates under strict adherence to NIDA/DHHS guidelines and can offer on-site collection.

We also offer substance abuse treatment for employees. Dr. Fletcher is a Certified Substance Abuse Professional.

To learn more SafeWorks Illinois Drug and Alcohol Testing Services, please call: 217.356.6150 (Champaign.)