SafeWorks Illinois Post Job Offer Evaluations


Post-job offer evaluations can be used to determine whether a person’s physical abilities match the physical demands of the job.


These evaluations are critical for:

  • Obtaining and documenting baseline information to pre-existing conditions in the event of future worker’s compensation claim or condition that could be harmful to the individual or other employees
  • Determining if the individual capable of performing the physical requirements of the job. Employers can also incorporate job-specific functional testing (strength testing) to ensure that a new hire can physically perform the essential functions of the job.
  • Identifying any temporary conditions that need corrective action before clearing the employee to perform the task required.


The results of post-job offer evaluations reside in the patient’s confidential occupational health record. The physician may make recommendations to the company concerning follow-up and physical determination. Employers cannot pick and choose which new hires need physicals. Employers must be consistent with their post-job offer policy.

SafeWorks Illinois offers a complete array of services for employers to meet their post-job offer needs that meet ADA requirements. Our medical staff will become familiar with the critical job demands and help devise a post-job offer evaluation that provides maximum benefit to new hires whose health and safety may be jeopardized as a result of an improper placement. Job descriptions are a key part of this evaluation. If your company does not have current job descriptions, a SafeWorks Illinois staff member can assist you in developing them.

Post-Job Offer Functional Assessments

Employers can also incorporate, as part of their post-job offer process, job-specific functional testing or strength testing to ensure that a new hire can physically perform the essential functions of the job.

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